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First of all what does Kuvio mean? It is finish and means pattern. So this very minimalistic and well designed game is about different pattern you have to select with your fingers and rebuild a random generated figure. Sounds easy?

It is not so easy you have different levels you start as a greenhorn and can grow up to a veteran if you are good enough. Or you can try different game modes like the OneTime where you play against the watch or the Memory mode where you have to use your brain twice.

The game will make a lot of fun and is perfect for a small brake or a longer evening. If you start playing you can`t stop any more soon ;)

Our high score system makes it easy to gamble against your family or your friends.

Kuvio HD brings the awesome design of Kuvio to your iPad.

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  • Android
  • And Tab
  • iPhone
  • iPad


16명 이상

앱 용량

10.4 MB

  • Version : 1.1
  • 카테고리 : 가족
  • 개발사 : Mu.ly Inc.
  • 등록일 : 2011. 11. 02
  • 지원언어 : 영어

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